HealthScore – the flagship product of cSoft

We help solve healthcare technology problems, specializing in the rehabilitation space.
Rehabilitation care is a long-term process and involves a multidisciplinary team to take care of the patient meticulously. Collaboration and communication play a very important role between patients, patients’ loved ones, and the care provider team.
We understand the nuances. Our Software as a Service is custom built to handle all your clinical, financial, administrative and patient engagement needs.

Healthscore will help you

Standardize your clinical care plan
Allows you the flexibility to standardize careplans across patients while allowing custom care plans for those special patients
Communicate seamlessly with your team and patients
Healthscore allows the care team to work together from any location via text, call with access to up to date vitals and records
Save time and money
With automated billing, inventory, care plan to do list, staff have more time to spend with patients

Our coverage for rehabilitation

Inpatient rehab

Outpatient rehab

Tele rehab

Home Health rehab

Physical rehab

Mental rehab

Key features

Virtual assistant

HealthScore’s smart nurse automatically summarizes a patient’s status for the last 24 hours. It allows you to define your own standardized protocol to be followed when providing care.

Automated Alerts

Custom configure your thresholds, alerts for your staff at the billing counter, admin office and the doctors. Act immediately on what is happening at your center from wherever you are.

Autogenerated TO DO List

Medical Director’s custom careplan for each patient is used to generate a daily to do list for each staff member. You can track completions and get notified of missed activities too


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Our strong technical team has the healthcare experience to understand the problems running your business.
We understand data security , patient data privacy, data compliances and many other regulatory compliances that are associated with health tech data.