Most people living with mental illness will never need to go to the hospital for treatment. However, when needed, a hospital can be the best place to rest, feel safe, and receive the help needed.

At times, to recover completely, patients may even need additional / continued specialised medical services like skilled nursing care and emotional counselling.

Our client is one of India’s best mental rehabilitation health care chains, which currently has a 40 bed inpatient facility in addition to the outpatient department.

Their Inpatient mental health facility is the perfect place where holistic care is provided by an experienced multidisciplinary health care team including psychiatrists, counsellors, people needing acute and nursing care, or those who had amputations or have bed sores. Sometimes the facility also assists with patients needing palliative care.

What they Needed

While the facility’s clinical management is world class, they had issues with their pharmacy, inventory, and billing processes. Gaining visibility into these areas was extremely important for them as they were needed to resolve several issues for example urgent orders, out of stock inventory, financial discrepancies and more.

They also wanted a solution that would give them a jump start within a few weeks instead of waiting for months of implementation.

Solution Presented

HealthScore®, the flagship product of cSoft Technologies, was configured within a few weeks to meet the needs of our client.

The key modules implemented were Billing, Pharmacy, and Inventory with the following solutions presented for each module.


With the HealthScore® intervention, automated the mental rehab facility’s billing, pharmacy and inventory in just a few weeks. The solution became a critical part of their operations and has been successfully in use for the last few years.


Patient increase
in 36 months
Requests managed
from 60+
Doctors & Staff in the largest mental health rehab centre
Monthly Billing value
in 36 months
600% increase
In monthly Pharmacy Billing value
in 24 months

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