HealthScore® transforms In-patient and Out-patient services through automation and embedded intelligence

About the Customer Business Needs The hospital’s vision was Our clients wanted they wanted to establish themselves as a new paradigm in the provision of healthcare, particularly for marginalised communities, through accessible, affordable, available, accountable, and ethical practices. With these objectives, driving automation across clinical, financial, and operational aspects of

The HealthScore Client Stories – The Transformation of a NICU through Automation & Embedded Intelligence

About the Customer With most pregnancies, people go home after their baby’s delivery. However, once in a while, a rare or an extreme situation occurs, for example a premature birth, wherein a baby may develop some birth defects alongside. According to data from the WHO, every year an estimated 15

HealthScore Client Stories – How we Automated Billing, Pharmacy, and Inventory for a Mental Rehab Facility

Background Most people living with mental illness will never need to go to the hospital for treatment. However, when needed, a hospital can be the best place to rest, feel safe, and receive the help needed. At times, to recover completely, patients may even need additional / continued specialised medical