Top 3 Trends to Expect from Telehealth

Signs of life returning to pre-pandemic levels are all around us. In fact, in some places, life has returned with a greater ferociousness than we ever saw before we got hit with Covid – which makes sense. People have been starved for company and connection, so we’re capitalising on the

Telemedicine Challenges : The Risk of Misdiagnoses

The promise and potential of telemedicine has been talked about with great enthusiasm since the beginning of the pandemic. A quick glance over news reports shows glowing projections related to revenue and the scale of growth that industry experts expect. However, growth and potential are just one side of the

Gender Disparity in Telemedicine

The potential of telemedicine to affect a seismic shift in the delivery of care is now well proven. As the practice brings more and more medical specialties into its fold, we’re simultaneously seeing more innovation and technology take center-stage. However, an aspect of telemedicine that still needs more conversations –

Privacy Concerns with Telehealth

Trendwatch: Privacy Concerns with Telehealth Given the rate at which India has warmed up to Telehealth services, we can say now with a fair degree of certainty that telemedicine is here to stay. And because the industry is poised to grow and mature quite rapidly in the coming few years,

Telemedicine Have an Economic Privilege Problem

Does Telemedicine Have an Economic Privilege Problem? The growth of telemedicine in India has been talked about with great fervor. Since 2021, the online healthcare industry has been heralded as a boon to the country, given its potential to serve the most remote patients who are unable to get to

Trends for Home Health Care in India

4 Upcoming Trends for Home Health Care in India The relentless persistence of the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the face of healthcare as we know it. Arising from the need to keep people as safe as possible, the healthcare industry has witnessed a number of innovations that have helped patients

Health Rehab at Home

Technology and Mental Health Rehab at Home Technology-driven services and mental health rehab might just be a marriage made in heaven, especially for Indian society. A high-level review of the numbers reveals why this could be the solution we have all needed for years. According to a study published by

Home Health Care

How the Pandemic has Impacted Home Health Care in India Mrs. Hina Bhatia*, a 75 year old woman, has had various health issues crop up over the last 12 months. “It was such a turbulent year, health-wise. First, I tested positive for Covid and struggled with the symptoms afterward. Then,

Telemedicine & Usability

Telemedicine & Usability – Can Technology Shift the Burden of Care? Can the use of technology in medicine really shift the burden of care from hospitals? In other words, is telemedicine the answer to heavily burdened healthcare facilities and experts in India that were, at one point, struggling to manage

Best Use of Online Consultations

How Can Hospitals and Doctors Make the Best Use of Online Consultations There’s no secret to the fact that online consultations have been on the rise across multiple specialties in India. Whether for themselves or for loved ones living far away, factors like timely access to care, manageable financial costs,

Teleconsultation Appointment

How to Help the Elderly with the First Teleconsultation Appointment One elderly parent infected with Covid is already a handful. Two elderly parents infected with Covid at the same time are a crash course in patience. When the second wave of Covid-19 came knocking at our collective doors in 2021,

Chronic disease management (CDM) is beyond just pills

Increasing burden of Chronic diseases globally In this era of sedentary lifestyle, the burden of chronic diseases is spreading drastically. Nearly 1 in 3 adults suffer from many chronic diseases. This then becomes a cause of financial constraints. Both the older populations and the individuals belonging to the younger age

Technology paves the way for efficient Spinal Cord Injury rehabilitation

Clinical and Financial Impact of spinal cord injury on patient’s life Spinal cord injury (SCI), which results in agonizing loss of sensation and function leads to psychosocial, emotional and financial distress along with physical trauma. The most common causes of SCI injury world-wide are traffic accidents, cancers, falls and sport