How can the healthcare industry create a better experience for our patients?

Can you imagine, no patients waiting in long, winding queues, trying to complete their registration process?

Can you imagine cashiers who don’t have to get frustrated while they wait for change or insurance paperwork?

92% of our front desk users take less than 1 minute to register a new patient. Very often, that time stamp is actually 0 minutes because patients register on their own through the Patient App.

95% of patients who have used The HealthScore’s Patient App have reported feeling very satisfied while paying through the app because they had more payment options to choose from.

Moreover, pur clients saw a 50% increase in followup appointment bookings booked by patients themselves using the app.
90% confusion during patient coordination was reduced by avoiding sending payment links, online video links, prescriptions and more.

A Telehealth App : The Need of the Hour

The usability of healthcare and telehealth apps has become more and more prominent with time in the post-Covid world. With the advent of apps, vulnerable sections of the population like ageing and immunocompromised people have been able to find a safe solution for their healthcare needs.

However, the welcome surprise is that the usability of apps extends beyond their peak-pandemic demand, especially when benefits like cutting through long waiting lines come into play. The overwhelming sentiment is : why would we spend time driving to the doctor’s office and then spend hours waiting when we can do an online consultation from wherever we are?

At the HealthScore, we found it difficult to argue with that logic. And so, we’ve built our own app that helps patients stay connected with their ecosystem of doctors, hospitals, and nurses as they need to.

The guiding principle behind the app’s development was to ensure ease of use for patients and create a singular space for all their healthcare needs. From scheduling doctors appointments to effortless payments and having all their lab reports securely stored in one place, the HealthScore app ensures a positive experience for all users.

Moreover, we also ensure that our app integrates effortlessly with a hospital’s existing systems.

The HealthScore App – Creating Better Healthcare, Together

Patient retention and patient care are closely related outcomes and driven largely by the experiences patients have with their doctors or hospitals.

In a post-Covid world, where the online patient experience is as valuable as the offline experience, ensuring a smooth journey is a healthcare imperative.

The HealthScore Patient App can be customised with your hospital or care facility’s logo and branding, while offering the following features for your patients.

Patients can take advantage of the following features:-

  • Self-registrations
  • Book appointments
  • Chat with the hospital staff
  • View and download medical records shared by their doctors
  • Watch curated videos shared by the hospital
  • Make payments
  • Take self assessments
  • Join video calls
  • View and download medical prescriptions

Getting Started with the HealthScore App

The HealthScore app is developed with the hospital’s branding with a clearly visible institutional logo.

The process begins with the patient downloading the app and logging in with their registered mobile number.

The patient’s number & identity in the hospital records are validated using an OTP.

If they have not previously registered, they are taken to a registration form to fill out their details. At this time, a unique patient ID is also created.

In order to locate personal details, the patient taps on the right-hand menu, where the display allows access to the dashboard and profile details.

This is where patients can take care of details such as choosing their language, registering other family members or friends as patients as well, or contacting the hospital

Booking an Appointment

One of the most efficient features of the app is that hospitals can enable self-booking for patients. Here’s how.

Once registered, patients are able to see a static card through which they can book their own appointments.

Once registered, patients are able to see a static card through which they can book their own appointments.

Patients can view the available specialties and doctors available at the hospital. The hospital controls which time slots are opened for the doctors, which the patient.

As an added bonus, patients can also send attachments and recorded voice messages to their doctors ahead of the consultation.

During the Online Consultation

Doctors have the ability to begin the call at their end.

At the time of the appointment, when patients open the app, they are able to see a Join Call option.

When the doctor begins the call, the patient’s phone rings, they see a consent form, and they are able to join the call through their mobile app.

Payments & Billing

The HealthScore app is self-contained in every way, including with payments and billing. Hospitals and clinics using the app can upload the patients billing details.

Meanwhile, patients using the app can make their payments within the app. Billing notifications and payment reminders are sent to patients via an SMS message.

The patient’s payment history is also made available within the app.

Test Results & Follow-Ups

Patients have the ability to view and download lab test results on the HealthScore app along with the doctor’s prescriptions and feedback.

At the end of the call, patients can also share their feedback for doctors and hospitals.

Resource Library

Hospitals and clinics have the ability to engage with their patients beyond the direct appointment. The HealthScore app allows clinicians to upload any patient-centric content – videos especially – that are useful for display.

Other resources on the app include HealthScore’s Miss Quri chatbot through which patients can connect with hospital administrators on a live chat. Are you ready for better patient outcomes? We’re here to get you started. For any app related queries, please contact us.