Another year, another trend watch. We know, these conversations are everywhere. But we’re a tech company. And we’re quite geeky about the tech toys and tech innovations of the world (mostly because we get to work with so many of them every day).
So, more than a trend watch, this list is really a collection of all the tech trends that everyone on our team is really excited about.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing

High up on the list of all that makes us happy are the rapid developments taking place because of innovations in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

The interdependency between these three is leading to many cutting-edge innovations, for instance, with chatbots that are being integrated through websites, mobile apps, and chat programs.

In healthcare, an intelligent and relevant chatbot conversation can go a long way with helping anxious patients feel at ease. Vijay R, founder of a Delhi-based healthcare startup employs a chatbot on his website to engage patients and says he has noticed a marked improvement in patient feedback. “From completely by-passing the chatbot on the website to not needing a phone call, our customers have come along with us as we’ve evolved our automated responses.
They now report feeling like they’ve chatted with an actual human being as they submit their responses regarding their symptoms, their doctor preferences, and their preferred appointment slots.”

Moving forward, expect to see a higher usage of chatbots in healthcare that take on specific medical concerns across multiple medical specialties and in a relaxed, conversational manner.

Omni-Channel Healthcare Delivery

Based on a report published by McKinsey, “the medtech industry is shifting from a model that revolves around sales reps to an omnichannel world in which HCPs are able to access information as and when they need it. Although reps remain the main point of contact, companies are augmenting this relationship with new resources and tools and coordinating them across channels to address stakeholders’ needs.”

In other words, omni-channel health-tech is proliferating across websites, mobile apps, and devices.

What we’re looking forward to is building a seamless experience for HCPs (health care professionals) and patients who utilise omni-channel care. As the demand for the services increases, a simultaneous demand for “better coordination across channels, more digital content that is relevant and tailored to their needs, and the ability to access information on demand.

We’re excited to see what some of the most creative minds in health-tech are going to come up with!

Better Communication Between Patients, Clinicians, and Everyone in Between

Does better communication count as a developing trend?

We have a resounding yes for this question.

For years, doctors have needed better channels of communication with their patients and their care providers to monitor vitals and other sudden developments. With wearable devices getting more and more sophisticated with every passing year, doctors and nurses can now receive alerts regarding any changes to the status of their patient. For many patients, early interventions on sudden changes may mean the difference between their life being saved or not.

Jenn Roth, Global Industry Product Marketing Director – Health, describes it best in her article titled “Omnichannel care delivery is becoming the next chapter of healthcare delivery”:

Remotely-monitoring patients not only helps care for more patients, but also provides a higher level of care. Nurses can focus on their most critical patients knowing they will receive an alert if there is a direct issue with the patient. Doctors and health workers see if a patient is following their prescribed care plan, taking action if needed. Nursing homes can reduce costly hospital visits and access a remote doctor. With an aging population and looming healthcare worker shortage, virtual health is an effective way to build resilience into the healthcare system.

In other words, better communication between all stakeholders – aided by technology – translates to better care for patients and a stronger healthcare system.


We help your healthcare practice grow

That is most definitely a health-tech trend we can get behind.
We hope you’ve enjoyed reading along this blog post with us. For India and the world, healthcare and health-tech are poised to lead a paradigm shift and we have to say, it’s the most exciting time to be a part of these industries. We’re looking forward to bigger and better, every year!

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